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There is a broad range of legal subjects. If you focus your studies on the most often studied topics, as well as understanding law and its rules that govern them, you will improve your chance of passing the examination and becoming a licensed attorney. Given the high stakes so it’s crucial to plan your time efficiently and maximize your time studying.

This is one of the topics that has been tested frequently throughout the past:

Premarital arrangements Property division of Divorce decisions Inforceability

The entire divorce procedure is examined as a chronological process. Events leading up to the divorce, the possibility of separation, the division of property, divorce and child custody when children are involved.

Particular factors are considered in order to decide if the contract for premarital marriage is valid or not:

Fairness in Voluntariness: Understanding Fraud, Duress and Coercion.

The term “voluntariness” refers to the consideration of whether fraud or other coercion was used during the creation of the agreement or during the signing. It is a sign that either or both parties did not fully disclose or conceal any assets or obligations prior to wedding.


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