What Type of Car Window Tinting Should You Get? – Car Dealer A


With tinting, you must get. The following are the things you should be thinking about.

Since it’s legal in all countries, 50% tint is very popular among car owners. However, it doesn’t have as striking of an effect that many would prefer. There are three kinds of tinting available: 30%, 20% and 5%. The less tinting is, the more opaque a car’s windows will be. So 35% tint will be slightly darker that 50% and 20% tint will be slightly darker then 35% tint. 5% tint however is the lightest.

Many car owners will want to select 5% tint because it adds the most security and aesthetic appeal to a vehicle. However, it’s important to consider legal requirements. Even tints that are as light as 35% are not legal in many areas, and while a police officer probably wouldn’t stop you for one that’s just a little too dark, choosing an extreme dark shade is likely to get yourself in the legal system.

For ensuring that your vehicle’s window tinting is legal make sure it is professionally installed. It is unlikely that you will be stopped due to tinted windows.


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