7 Best RFIs Management Practices – Business Training Video


at all times. To make it easy to retrieve, number of entries are recorded in the form of a ledger. The RFI should also answer all inquiries. These answers form crucial elements of the process. It is also not only about responding to queries however, it is about doing so within the timeframe. That being said, RFIs must give an exact date to provide the answers required. Another option is to add reference materials together with the RFI response. It ensures that all the information that is needed can be provided to answer the RFI. Attachments can include related sketches, the cost of goods and other specifications. It is a different principle to copy emails. This will ensure that each person in the process receives required information. This also reduces the risk of confusion caused by the translation. The protocol needs to be clearly established. It must then suggest strategies. It can suggest solutions for example, what can be different and who must be involved. This should also be accompanied by an agenda that details the consequences of meetings as well as changes to the work method.

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