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You need one.

Restoring your roof can be more affordable than replacing it. However the extent of the damage is the final option for you. If the roof is over 30% damaged your roofing expert may suggest an entirely new roof. Thanks to technology advances homeowners now have access to more information on the approximate costs of replacing their roofing. Information on this is accessible through a variety of websites as well as online.

Additionally, you can upload images of your asphalt roof on Google. This will give you a number of results from searches that provide an estimation of the amount it’s going to cost for each square foot. According to Fixr asphalt shingles , they cost anywhere from three to 6 dollars for a square foot. This is why they are the most popular roofing materials. The asphalt roofing covering that is comprised of architectural shingles typically outlasts three-tab shingles due to their longevity that ranges from 20-30 years as opposed to the 15-20 years of the three tabs. onbdo64zse.

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