What to Look for to Repair Roofing Storm Damage – Family Game Night

Find out what to take note of when planning for roof repairs due to storm damage. Roofing storm damage can result by strong winds that can result in fallen tree limbs as well as other debris found on the roof.

If inspecting the roof for damages, homeowners should look for various signs. Inspect for nails sticking out of the roof. This may indicate that a section of the roof may be loose and will require repair. Additionally, it is recommended to look around for flashing. An incoming windstorm could pull the roof away and cause gaps in the roof, allowing the rain to penetrate. To avoid leaks, all fittings and parts must be fixed.

A broken pipe jack can result in roof leakage. A plethora of debris falling on the roof in a storm may damage the sealing material around the pipe jack and cause it to fail. It could result in water leaking into your house. You should also inspect the shingles for damage or loose and any weak points. Make sure to find weaknesses and address them immediately to prevent further harm.

Overall, these were some of the areas you should examine when checking your roof to see if it is damaged.


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