Understanding Police Jobs – Source and Resource

Ice officer. Although police work can be dangerous, many choose to work in the field because they love serving and protecting others. Persons who want to become a police officer must be aware that, while it may be rewarding however, it is also a demanding job with many responsibility.

The core duty of police officers is to guard the property of others and their own. They patrol neighborhoods, control traffic, write citations, respond to emergency calls, deliver warrants, submit the incident report promptly, and arrest violators. In police work, that a person may be asked to be called in to court to testify as witness in an incident. The police jobs can also provide educational assistance to the public in order to prevent or resolve crimes.

A police officer must possess several values that include integrity, honesty, accountability, and proper ethics. All police officer must adhere to all rules and laws that regulate their work. The use of force has to be justified , and only whenever absolutely required. Police officers should perform their responsibilities and duties justly and fairly.

They must never act discriminatorily or favoritise anyone. Police officers should be aware of the need to treat all citizens with dignity, regardless of their gender, sexual orientation, religious faith, socioeconomic status as well as national origin. Police officers must respect the ethics of the police Code of conduct. Every police officer involved in misconduct could face legal punishment and discipline.


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