Cooling Towers How Do They Work? – E-Library

They are used to move hot or cool water to reuse. It’s a fairly simple operation. The hot water first gets brought in from an external source to the cooling tower company and sprayed into the tower. The hot water is sprayed over what’s called a fill. The fill permits water to move over a wider surface, allowing an easier cooling. The water evaporates as it moves down the in the fill. The water that has evaporated drops to the floor and is then chilled with the water coming in. It is then recirculated throughout the process.

Counterblow is the most popular model in cooling towers. Counterblow cooling towers have two fills. The one fill is higher than one and the other below. Water flows from top of the tank to the bottom. As it passes through each fill, the water is cooled. It then returns to the system.

Cross flow is yet another kind of cooling tower. Cross flow cooling towers only require one fill. It is then sprayed with water over all the width of the tower. It then cools while traveling across the fill. The water then gets collected at the top of the fill and is recirculated. bujgd6iocj.

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