Police Chases Truck Through Golf Course – Accident Attorneys Florida

What would you do if a pickup truck came through your course as you were playing a round of golf? It’s one of many oddities that was captured on a police dashcam. The police officer was in pursuit of a pickup truck when it veered onto the green. In this video, you will find out what happens following. The answer is found in the third video footage.

In the wake of the driver’s rage, the officer chased down the driver along the green. It was safe to drive in this area since there weren’t many other cars in the area. Unfortunately, the vehicles probably left behind deep tire marks on the grass. The pursuit went on even though there were plenty of random sand traps as well as winding hills. At last, the suspect was hit by a gray truck. There is no way to tell if the suspect is an officer or a good Samaritan. In any case, the bump flipped the truck around and provided officers to pin the car. She was quickly arrested and the suspect was then able to get out of her car. It is possible that she will be facing serious legal troubles. She may need to contact bail bond services for a way to stay in jail till her court hearing.


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