The Patio Paving Process – Source and Resource

The io paver process can be a bit complicated. There are many steps. In this article, we will review several steps of the process.

The first part of this process is to plan. Before you can start your project, you’ll have decide on the specific products you’ll be using and the location where everything is going to go. Instead of marking the area by putting it on the ground you should identify the location from the outside.

After you’ve finished your plans, start taking the soil out. Dig a couple of inches and be certain that you are removing large chunks of rock. This helps to level the surface. You may need to use a compactor for this step.

After you’ve finished compacting after which you’re ready to lay gravel. It is finished once the gravel has been compacted.

You will find the paver’s sand at the end sections of the project. The sand is the last layer of the base. After the sand layer, place your paving bricks.


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