A Guide to Repairing Asphalt Pavement – Outdoor Family Portraits

Although asphalt is a long-lasting material, it could be affected by wear and tear over time. This video shows you how to repair asphalt damage and repair the pavement’s appearance.

The tree’s root is growing beneath concrete and offsets the asphalt shown in this video. The workers dig a trench to determine the length of the root. It is 3 inches in diameter, and they can remove it without causing any harm to the tree.

The next step is cut out the damaged section of asphalt, allowing access to the root. The contractors then cut an area of asphalt using an specialized saw. They use a digging technique to expose all the root to cut it up by hand.

The soil beneath then has to be packed. It is done using sledge hammers. accomplish this, and then they throw the pack over. The mix is made up of rock and concrete that is put down in a strong support layer for the new asphalt.

Finally, the asphalt is placed on top and is then tamped down. To learn more look at the video on the right.


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