Differences Between State and Federal Crimes – WORLD GLOBAL NEWS


The prisons in which ets were sent as well as how they differ from each other.

State penitentiaries house individuals who committed minor or major offenses in the same state. These prisons are managed by the state and are paid to tax payers. The largest category of prisoners within US prisons. There are over 1700 prisons and over 1500000 people inmates.

It is also easier to be paroled in state prisons. There are lower standards for security and they have a significant concern with excessive population. State prisons tend to be not as well-staffed and well-funded as federal ones, making their security more hazard.

Federal prisons are reserved for those who have committed federal law. This category includes most economic crimes, as well as those that occurred on federal land, or within state borders. These are far more secure when it comes to funding.

The majority of federal crimes are not as violent, meaning federal prisons are usually safer. They are said to be more similar to a junior college than a prison. For more information on the state and federal prisons, check out the link to the above video.


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