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Twan along with his fellow commercial drivers of waste management service will be arriving for their daily shift. The crew gathers to discuss their plans for the day. They also attend a safety meeting.

The drivers are escorted to their vehicles. These include both residential and commercial trucks. To make sure that they conform to established regulations as well as perform their duties in the manner they are expected to, they begin their day with a vehicle inspection. The safety of their employees is their primary concern. Does everything seem to be in order? If so, the fleet rolls out to fulfill the primary purpose of its existence and provide a waste management service to the residents.

The trucks use the latest technologies to control their day-to day activities. Services for managing waste are offered regardless of whether it is hot or snowy in summer. In-cabin cameras relay information to the roads so drivers will know what’s expected and what they need to be prepared for it.

It’s difficult to manage waste. From narrow roads through the traffic jams, the drivers have to conquer them all, in addition to the heavy lifting of waste bags. Antwan* and his coworkers have carved their space in the field, thanks to the training and mentoring they get, as well as immense respect while at it. papbihylsf.

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