A Look At Racial Bias Training For Police Officers – Blog Author

They are especially important as they interact with many residents of the community who come from diverse experiences. It is the job for the police officer to be able to see past the differences.

Unconcious decisions are the key in this situation, and sometimes people take a decision without thinking or with no thought. Police must learn to avoid this behavior because they are suppose to be impartial and fair leaders in the community. Police officers are continually placed in different circumstances, it is crucial for them to remain consistent in their decisions.

The training helps police officers to share their knowledge with fellow officers and aid each in overcoming their prejudices. Another important part of understanding the lessons is the fact that implicit bias isn’t something police personnel during the course should be ashamed of. Instead, police officers need to recognize that this is a human problem and be actively working to address it every day when they are at their job.


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