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piece of equipment to keep in your office or at home. The printers are simple to operate and will instantly print a hard copy any digital document from your personal computer. Laser printers are considered to be one of the most popular types of printers due to the lower price and their flexibility. This video will show you how to operate laser printers in order to let you know the inner workings of your printer . They can also produce top-quality product.

The OPC printer is based on an electrophotographic technique that is extremely technical and can be located inside the device. Images are directly printed on the OPC drum using an laser. The ink or toner, is stirred at the same time and spread onto the surface of the roller. The OPC drum is positively charged by laser. It means that the toner that is charged negatively is attracted to the drum. The toner will then be used on the areas marked by laser. That is the place where the printed image will appear. Toner is placed on paper. In the next step, the paper is melted and fused with the paper.


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