Comparing Diamond Earrings by Carat Size – Shopping Video

On the ear, the earring and the ear. If you are considering purchasing diamond earrings for yourself or a loved one it is a wonderful video to watch.

Diamonds are measured by weight. This is known as a “carat.” A lower carat will obviously be smaller in size as well as mass. A pair of earrings made of diamonds might have a carat that is less than an engagement rings. The diamond will be placed on the ear and it will not be set.

There are smaller-carat diamond earrings. They’ll be beautiful despite their smaller size and come at less cost. One pair of basic 1 carat diamond earrings could cost more than $15,000. They were used to compare the price in this video. The price was more than 15,000 dollars. It’s a significant amount for an earring.

Diamonds, no matter the size or carat, are beautiful gems. They’re associated as a symbol of elegance and wealth , and for good reason -they’re breathtaking. This video can assist you choose the right carat for those who are thinking of diamond earrings.


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