Troubleshooting Your Refrigeration Repair – Discovery Videos

AC roblems Broken fan blades or a blade that will not rotate freely could be a sign of that there is a mechanical issue. The motor could have malfunctioned in electrical terms if it’s receiving power, but not functioning.
3. EFM FFM – Defective Evaporator Motor If the fan motor makes loud noises, replace it.

4. The Start Relay may be defective or the Capacitormay malfunction and cause problems to cycle the compressor off and on in a proper manner, or not work entirely. Frost buildup on evaporator coils causes airflow problems in the air that passes through them. It is possible to purchase a unit equipped with an automatic defrost device.

5. If the Temperature Control Board could cause issues with cooling, unpredictability in system behaviour, or the fridge not functioning completely. Examine the rest of the components to ensure they work properly before you consider replacing or repairing the board that controls temperature in the refrigerator. w4vthqljp2.

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