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This video will provide all the information you have to know about the role of the family physician. Learn more about family medicine.
If you wish to practice medical family practice, you’ll likely like the idea of working in primary care treating patients of all ages And you, as Vin Diesel, don’t have close friends. But you do have relatives. We’ll dispel some myths regarding public perception and make it clear that it’s not the case. This is how family medicine is done.
Family medicine or generalists in general, are fundamentally. Different from other specialties, which concentrate solely on a specific organ, illness, or group of patients Family physicians take care of patients of all ages, all the way from babies to seniors and beyond.
A family medicine residency of three years is necessary after you have finished medical school. You’ll be matched into one programme, and then be able to complete all of your undergraduate studies including your internship in the specific course.
If you’re a medical student who loved all things non-surgical during the third year, and you didn’t wish to leave any of it, including not just organ systems, but also the aging process, then family medicine might be an ideal suit for you.
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