Learn How a Septic System is Installed – Teng Home

The system for septic needs to be highly sophisticated. This design calls for the installation of two chambers in the septic tank. It has two primary and secondary as well as pre-treatment units.

This video explains the workings of the septic system. Everything, both liquid and solid, comes from the house. In the initial area, solid material floats up toward the top while all other waste sinks to the bottom, leaving a middle part of filthy water. The water then flows to the baffle wall, where it’s allowed to flow into the second compartment. It is then filtered by an adsorbent screen. Every 20 minutes an influx of water is sent into the treatment pod that is the second component of the process.

The other compartment is where ammonia can be converted to nitrogen. The water in the pod falls into it before settling at its base. It is returned to the initial area where it will be introduced into an atmosphere that is anaerobic. The atmosphere has the ability to draw nitrogen from groundwater. d9nq736hmi.

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