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This led to a lot of bad press for Starbucks. The company then shut down the entire chain for four hours to conduct the diversity program. The trend is increasing in the diversity of employees. Retirement age is on the way upwards, and more workers are deciding to join big corporates. If an organization is having issues when it comes to diversity, this is due to subtle biases that can be revealed through organization structures. In the event of any problem with a company that is causing problems, it is essential to make sure that employees are aware of the problem in the future. It may not be enough to just train about a subject one time. There have been many shifts within our society and bias will likely continue to exist. It’s easier to discern about biases which are constant. These patterns might stem from discrimination based on the race, religion, sexuality, and gender. Diversity training is a vital subject. There are many things you need to know. If you want to know more about it, keep checking out the video. ulre1m1wlt.

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