How to Make Cute Charms out of Vinyl Polymer – Cool Artwork

A majority of these machines come with proprietary software which lets crafters create and import the designs of their own. Then, the machine can cut the vinyl polymer that will allow these designs to be realized on the ground. Shrink plastic is the preferred description for the vinyl polymer. Since it is able to create small ornaments, this is a very useful material. It’s big enough to accommodate intricate designs, then it shrinks to make tiny ornaments. This video explains how to use shrink plastic or vinyl polymer for making designs for charms. Select your design, then create it using the cutter. Then, place the pieces in an oven that is set at 150° Celsius. This shrinks the plastic. When the plastic has reached sufficient then you can colorize it using permanent vinyl sheets. Adjust the design in the software program to match the new size of the charms, then cut the colored parts of the design from sheet of permanent vinyl. To achieve the appearance you desire, layer the design with the vinyl.

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