Career Spotlight AC Contractor – Discovery Videos

It can be a rewarding occupation to work in the HVAC sector, which includes the cooling and heating systems.

Students must pass both state and learning course exams. There are two types of exams two exams: the trade and business examination.

Three types of contractors for air conditioners are offered. All three of them require passing these exams. From bottom to top the categories include Air B, which are units up to 25 tons in weight; Air A as well as units up until 50 tons; and Mechanical, which comprises working on chillers refrigerators, water towers and more.

The person should have at the least four years of work experience. A portion of this time must be spent in the position of foreman. Students must request permission from the State of Florida for permission. Once a person has knowledge, they should be able to describe their experience within the classification that they’re seeking as well as their education. The application process requires verification of the applicant’s background as well as credit verification. Anyone who has been approved will be considered an air conditioner installer. u7aoqbpc1t.

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