Basics of Bail Bonds – Boise Family Law Newsletter

A contract that requires a defendant to appear for trial or pay a pre-determined amount of money requested by the judge. Bail is used as collateral for a judge to get to let the defendant go until their trial arrives. The bail bond, which is also known as a surety is the promise of the defendant to pay certain amount of money. We will now look at the fundamentals of bail bond and how they are used for court.

The amount of bail is set, but a judge is allowed to modify the bail amounts. An accused is allowed to release bail at any time during business hours or even after the hours of operation for jail. Bail posted will be noted by the clerk.

If the defendant is unable to attend court, a hearing will be scheduled so an arrest warrant could be issued. The judge will maintain the bond at its current level if it is determined that the defendant’s reason for not attending court ineligible.

The video linked above gives more details on bail bonds, as well as various possibilities. prxpfa64k6.

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