Learn the Basic Maintenance That Can Prevent the Need for Automotive Repair Service – Car Talk Radio

Youtube channel Car and Driver demonstrates several methods to repair your car from your home in the comfort of your own home.

Inspecting the levels of the fluids inside your vehicle is a excellent place to begin. Take off the hood and examine the level. Each fluid container should have two lines: a “minimum” line and a “maximum” line. The fluid must be between these two. Check the clarity of your fluid. If it’s cloudy , and/or extremely dark, you need to replace it.

Another thing you could tackle on your own is to upgrade your car’s air filter. If it’s extremely polluted, you can throw it away and then replace it with a new one.

Lubricate your latches to prevent further problems when opening the cover. It is recommended that grease made of white lithium be used. This will ensure that your hood last more than the WD-40.

A check of tire pressure on regularly basis can prevent flats and accidents when driving. It is particularly important during winter when temperatures plummet to unsafe levels.

There is also the option of replacing windshield wipers. They can wear down overtime which can cause issues with visibility during driving through rain and snow, in mud etc. auv37ytpoa.

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