How to Make Colorful Scrunchies – Shopping Networks

There is no need to pay for one of these colorful packs online, but if you’re the type of person who likes to DIY then you may want to give it a go creating them by yourself.

The video in this article provides two different ways to create vibrant tie dye scrunchies. Tie-dye techniques are easy to follow and even master, and these scrunchies make perfect tie-dye creations for the first time. You should not be afraid to attempt, even if your first attempt is failed.

One of the first things the video shows you how to create an easy scrunchie. Although you could use machines to make each step, the video shows a simpler technique using the hot glue gun. Additionally, you could color your scrunchie after you’ve finished.

It is necessary to tie bands around the scrunchies to achieve that tie-dye appearance. Then you will apply your dye in accordance with the video. For the correct colours for this tiny task, you’ll be required to purchase a tie dye device from your local craft store.

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