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Fences can turn out to be a very expensive undertaking and may be difficult to make repair. Yet, this farmer from North Carolina shared with us the practical solutions to fencing that helped him during the fall as the weather got colder and he was waiting to finish a comprehensive and expensive fencing job.

He used up old scraps of material found in his land. These materials come in handy for fixing a few fencing problems instead of spending for new materials. He also modified his existing fence instead of taking the whole structure apart to put up a fresh one. He was able to save costs on fencing and also protect his crops with chicken nets.

Poultry netting is less sloppy in it, and by installing two separate rolls on an older fence, he eliminated the large spaces that bunnies would squeeze into in his garden. The fall clearance sale from his supplier for farm inputs was a fantastic bargain. He was able to get the roll for as low than 13-14 cents. It cost him only 20 bucks covering the costs of his entire 60-foot fence. In order to complete the task it was necessary to purchase zip ties to secure his poultry netting onto the previous fence. vup53veg2h.

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