Understanding the Different Types of Awnings – Teng Home

The following video describes the kinds of awnings available to buy for your home’s windows door, patios or doors. It will be easier equipped to decide which type of shade to get.

Two types of retractable awnings make up the kinds of awnings featured in the video. Fixed Awnings are also featured. Alongside each kind of awning that is showcased it’s advantages and disadvantages are listed alongside it. It is possible to see the different styles that are available for both retractable as well as fixed the awnings.

It’s determined by reason for the Awning’s purpose. There are numerous options such as polyester, cotton polycarbonate, metal and others. This video provides the advantages and disadvantages of each material. It’s easy to look at them side-by-side to determine which style and kind of material will be the ideal for you. myvldd6m27.

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