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1 year home inspection checklist Check to make sure that there are no signs of trouble. Print out a one-year checklist for home inspections. Through the checklist, note down any issues. You can also make notes about what you need to be doing so that you don’t forget anything.

You must tailor the one-year checklist for home inspections specific to the home you live in. As an example, you have to add maintenance for your spa to this checklist if you own the option of a spa in your home. Similar regulations apply to swimming pools and other unique features. You will be less likely to be a victim of a mistake and require expensive repairs when you’ve got one year’s check list.

Your Roof

The roof on your home is the primary protection against storms and snow. It’s important to ensure that it is in good order. Actually, it’s best to contact a local roofer to do a professional annual inspection of your roof. It doesn’t need to be part of the house inspection checklist, however this is something you should for each year.

The roof’s self-inspection should include looking for broken roof shingles, curled, elevated, or damaged roofing shingles. Also, you should look for signs of mold, mildew or moss that has accumulated on your roof. Each of these signs indicates that the roof is in need of urgent repair.

An inspection by a professional of the roof will allow you to get a closer look at the shingles. Roofers from your local area can walk on the roof and look for signs that your home’s roof needs attention. Following the examination, they’ll give you a written or verbal report to help you decide what to do.

When you are conducting roof inspections, make sure you check your gutters as well as the flashing. This is a typical place that is often overlooked. Flashing helps prevent water leakage into roofing structures from chimneys, or similar structures. The gutters help to funnel rainwater off of the roof into the proper location, so that water doesn’t saturate the foundation.

It is important to remember that shingles have an exact timeframe. They last for a certain time.


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